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Student Voice

The Student Voice Team has been formed to work alongside the Brentwood School Council representing Brentwood College when student input is required.  Situations include decision making about aspects of College, the Brentwood Site, Governor and Director meetings, interviewing new staff and working with the Brentwood PTA (Friends of Brentwood). 

Firstly we have elected a student president.  Students on the team prepared their campaigns and all students in College voted. The votes were counted and the president was elected.



Student Voice 2020-2021



Students on the SVT made posters if they wanted to be student president. A voting table and ballot box was set up  for students to access and cast their vote.



Students were able to use visual aids to make their choice. Students marked their sheet with help or independently and put it into the ballot box.



The votes were unfolded and counted and the winner announced!

College Tour

Olivia was elected as Student Voice President.  Along with her team members, Olivia created a virtual college tour, explaining what the college looks like and what it is like to be a student here.


College Tour


Environmental Project

Students met with college Directors during the year to explain how they would like to improve the outdoor area at college.  Students explained how they and the staff would benefit from an outdoor area and how funds would be raised.


Environmental Project