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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Monitoring Report - November 2020

OFSTED Monitoring Visit

9 May 2019


The focus of this monitoring visit was to evaluate the progress that leaders and managers had made in rectifying the main areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection. Each of the four areas that inspectors looked at were graded as (us having made) 'Reasonable Progress'.


1. What progress have teachers made in ensuring that they plan lessons and learning activities that take into account students’      needs, starting points and ambitions, and enable students to make the progress of which they are capable?


Reasonable progress


2. What progress have leaders, managers and governors made in establishing robust quality assurance and monitoring arrangements that enable them to evaluate accurately the quality of the provision and make rapid improvements?


Reasonable progress


3. What progress have leaders and managers made in implementing an effective curriculum offer that meets the needs and abilities of all students and sets high expectations across all aspects of students’ learning?


Reasonable progress


4. How successfully do students develop their English and mathematical skills to help them gain greater independence and improve their social skills?


Reasonable progress


For the full report click on the link below

OFSTED Full Inspection


10-12th July 2018


The overall judgement was ‘Requires Improvement’, with Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing rated as ‘Good’


Some of the positive comments Ofsted made about the College include:

‘Students make good progress in developing strategies to manage their own behaviour’

‘All staff in the college promote an inclusive culture in which individual differences are respected and celebrated. Students are polite and respectful to staff, visitors and each other’

‘Students benefit from high-quality resources and specialist support that help them to develop their practical skills successfully’

‘Students develop highly effective personal and social skills in college and in the community’


As a recently developed provision, we are aware that we have areas in College that we need to develop. Some of the key areas that Ofsted have highlighted as requiring improvement include:

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is not yet sufficiently good so that all students make the progress of which they are capable’

‘Quality assurance arrangements are not sufficiently rigorous to ensure that the quality of the provision is consistently high’

‘The curriculum offer requires further development so that it meets all the needs, interests and abilities of students who have high needs and ensures that they achieve their long-term goals and aspirations’


The next step for us is to create a development plan to address the key issues highlighted by Ofsted. We will then have another inspection within the coming year to determine our progress.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their positive comments and support throughout the Ofsted Inspection. The Inspection is a very thorough and rigorous process, and I think this can be evidenced by the fact that most of the recently developed Post 19 specialist colleges have received the same judgement of ‘Requires Improvement’. As a College we are not complacent and we are always trying to improve outcomes for our students. Our staff will continue to work hard to ensure that all college students receive the best possible education from Brentwood College.


If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Jude Lomas                                            Katie Meredith

Headteacher                                          Brentwood College Lead