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It is a priority that students learn to make productive use of their leisure time and are included in their communities. We offer a wide range of community and leisure activities some of which are supported by our Manchester United Foundation SEND officer. Students choose from a range of off and on site activities including: cycling, swimming, boxing, the gym, visits to museums, parks, the pub, cafes, bowling, badminton, games sessions in the community and an inclusive computer gaming centre. 


Whilst in the community students develop their understanding of socially acceptable behaviour, their responsibilities as adults, and they learn skills for travelling by foot, on college transport and where appropriate public transport. Between 20 and 40% of a student’s learning time is spent in the community.


Students learn about their local communities and access activities that they can continue with when they leave Brentwood, supported by their families or social care provision.  Students are encouraged to try a range of different activities and learn to communicate their feelings about them.


Accreditation of this learning is through the ASDAN module offered Using Leisure Time.  Students choose new indoor and outdoor activities and learn about suitable clothes to wear, if equipment is needed and how to participate safely interacting with peers and members of the community appropriately.


Students practise their literacy by learning to read social and safety signs in the community. 


Additionally students access the community for one off events, eg the pub for our Christmas meal, special trips and celebrations and inter-college sports events.


Progress in this area is recorded in our Citizenship strand on Classroom Monitor