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Work Skills

Work Skills

Students learn about the world of work through Business Enterprises, Horticulture and Animal Care, Work Experiences, Volunteering and Visits to work places. Current Enterprises include our farm shop, Baking for Cafe, and the Brentwood Car Care Company.


Accreditation is through ASDAN Towards Independence module Business Enterprise. Students are supported to plan, start up and run our enterprises. Within each enterprise students learn to complete jobs to a required standard using visuals and task strips. When possible, links are encouraged with external partners eg vegetables picked by students on the Wythenshawe Horticulture work experience are made into Chili Jam to be sold at the Farm Shop; skills learnt in the College Café are transferred to external work experiences in local cafes.


Enterprise is an opportunity for the contextual use of functional skills. Students are encouraged to be independent in their tasks through the use of visuals and there are many opportunities for developing communication skills. Numeracy opportunities occur through counting orders, items, handling money, monitoring stock and the repetition of tasks.


Students can choose to study Horticulture if that is one of their interests. This subject is designed to have cross curricular links with community work within Sale West, a session at Princes Park Community Garden Centre and The D of E volunteering project at a local allotment. Students work in our extensive grounds area learning to grow plants, fruit and vegetables in our raised beds and polytunnel. Fruit and vegetables are eaten or sold in our farm shop and hanging baskets/bulbs are potted up for selling as gifts.  Students learn about the safe use of tools, what clothes to wear and about growing plants indoors and outdoors.


Animal Care is used to provide opportunities for work experiences, independence tasks, communication and interaction. Students learn to care for the animals providing them with water, food and a clean living environment. The chickens and quails’ eggs are sold in the farm shop. Thea the therapy dog accompanies students on walks and visits.


Where appropriate, students are able to access internal and then external supported work experiences.


Internal work experiences include office work, grounds maintenance including litter picking, feeding our animals and volunteering in the school.  Students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer on a local allotment project called ‘Growing Trafford’s Roots’.


External work experiences are being re-established with Manchester United, Coppice Library, the local pub, Sunshine Café and British Heart Foundation.


Progress in Work Skills is measured through our Work Skills strand and individual portfolios of work.  Work Skills measures progress in looking after belongings and money, travelling in the community and doing tasks independently as these are all necessary skills that have to be in place to be able to have a job.


Students working at our higher levels will be able to progress to a supported internship either through Trafford or Manchester.