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Curriculum Subjects

The College’s aim is to equip each student with the essential skills that they will need for the future as they work towards their Outcomes for Adulthood.  The College facilitates the transition of students into their adult lives.


After baseline assessments students are placed onto one of our three Life Skills Courses. These determine their daily timetables, access to the curriculum, and accreditation.

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Our curriculum is themed around the Outcomes for Adulthood:-



In Brentwood College these map to :

Employment: Work Skills

Independent Living: Life Skills

Friends, Relationships and Community: Citizenship

Good Health: Health and Physical


In addition to the above subjects, students continue to develop communication skills, English and maths (these are delivered functionally across the curriculum), learn personal and social skills and develop interests and hobbies that will lead to them becoming enthusiastic active members of their local community.


We continue to promote creativity, including music, art and drama; respect of others through celebration of our diversity; and British Values in all that we do.

There are many extra-curricular activities which students can choose to be involved in. We encourage students to make productive use of their lunch times and to make choices during enrichment. There are after school clubs and one off events throughout the year. There is also a yearly residential where students get the chance to participate in adventurous activities.

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