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Creative Arts

We value creativity and the Arts and offer a range of opportunities for participation in art, dance and drama sessions within our curricular and extra-curricular offer. 


Skillful music making offers opportunities for engagement, communication and participation for all away from the constraints of language. Many of our students experience expression and social interaction in therapeutic music sessions through improvisation, intensive interaction techniques or engagement with familiar songs. Music sessions can be group sessions or 1:1 sessions depending on need.  Progress is measured on our communication strand within our assessment system. 


Dance and movement sessions including yoga and zumba are offered in enrichment sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. All sessions are focussed on well being - mental and physical. Students choose their preferred sessions. Drama is offered as a mixed school and college club weekly. Students work towards an annual performance in the summer term.


The Arts Award has been offered this year in response to student request for more creative subjects on the timetable.  The inclusive award is designed to be accessible to all and encourages students to actively participate in art sessions, attend  arts events, learn about artists and pass on an arts skill to others.